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    To be a voice for the ones you love
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    Because you would do anything for them
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    Because we know you worry
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    Because we know how important it is
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    Because you need to know they are safe

Welcome to National Silver Alert

A Voice for the Voiceless


National Silver Alert is a program for all individuals with cognitive disorders, mentally and physically impairing ailments, and those at risk of developing a functional disability such as a stroke, regardless of age.


It has been specifically designed to address an emergency situation where a person cannot relay critical information in order to be reconnected with their loved ones and/or caretakers. During such an event, this inability to communicate leaves members of law enforcement and emergency medical services with little or no information about the person or their emergency contacts.


The founders of National Silver Alert have first-hand experience with the frustrations of this disconnect, and set out to develop a system to resolve these issues.


To learn more about who will benefit from our program, go to the icon above or click HERE


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